Even More Entertaining…

It is interesting that Hollywood has a template in mind for its productions. Anything that falls outside that template is termed too risky. And major motion picture studios are all about the safe bets. We have probably all heard about the fallout from the stinker about John Carter on Mars that toppled the head of the Disney Studios.

So, is it any wonder that so many really good films are done by independent filmmakers? They have enough vision to see what is relatable even where the major movie moguls are timid.

Of course, once the ground has been broken by the indies, we can expect a lot of copy-cat productions by the majors over the next few years.

That’s normal. That’s expected. And, that’s mediocrity at its finest.

We also see the same thing in television, and maybe even more often. Since a TV production is less of a financial investment than a motion picture production, flops are more easily made up for.

But once an idea has proven successful, you know the other networks are going to bring out something very similar to try and ride the coattail.

Remember “the Munsters”? It was another network’s answer to “the Addams Family”. And “Lost in Space”? Another’s answer to “Star Trek”.

I sort of lost interest in most television programming about the time that Star Trek got canceled. The stuff that followed… a blur of videotaped sitcoms is all I recall.

And each one of those seemed as mediocre as the next.

And, no, I never saw the latest episode of “Seinfeld”, back in the day. It was a show about nothing anyway.

Nothing could have been more mediocre.


About twaynemartin

A student of history, reader of science fiction, and a believer that ALL things are possible, regardless of what the naysayers may claim.
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