And That’s Entertainment

Every year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gathers to honor the best of the best in the past year. Awards are given for outstanding developments, achievements, and portrayals by their members.

And yet how many times have we seen the best performances shunted aside while they give the award to someone who has ‘paid his dues’ and everyone decided it was high time they were given something?

A perfect example to my mind is the award given to Paul Newman for his reprise role of “Fast” Eddie in the movie “the Color of Money”. I found the movie flat and unmoving in most respects, not worthy of an award for his role.

He should have won the award for a film two years previous entitled “Absence of Malice”. Barring that, he should have won it the next year for his portrayal of the down and out lawyer in “the Verdict”. Yet, since he had not won it for either of those two roles, when he should have, because they were giving other actors the award for “dues paid”, they gave him the award for a role that did not deserve it – but, hey, that’s just my opinion.

In the realm of script writing, there has never been a better script for any film than that written by M. Night Shymalan for “Sixth Sense”. The beauty of the script was its mis-direction and the craftily way the audience was led to believe one thing while another was going on.

The academy award went, however, to “American Rose”. A nicely done film but with a script that was not in any way exceptional. It was good, mind you, but not anywhere near the caliber of “Sixth Sense”, a film that was such a masterwork of a screenplay that it could not have been done in another medium… which made it a “shoe-in” for what the Oscar was supposed to be given for… phenomenal film writing.

So, for all their bluster, the Academy Awards are nothing more than a plastering of mediocrity on their industry. Holding up films and roles that are not the best, but honoring something else entirely.

And what else is mediocrity all about anyway?

Film at eleven…


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A student of history, reader of science fiction, and a believer that ALL things are possible, regardless of what the naysayers may claim.
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