The Mediocrity of Wealth

There is an old saying that everyone would love to be rich.

It happens to be a lie. Just like the characters who claim the Southerners who fought the Civil War did so because even if they did not own slaves, they hoped to some day. That was a lie as well.

No, believe it or not, most people do not aspire to joining the Fortune 500 wealthiest persons list.

Sure, a lot of people loved watching that show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” not because they wanted to emulate that life, they merely were curious about how that other half lived.

There have been enough stories current about how vast wealth has ruined and crippled people. Enough stories of the vultures that latch onto the wealthy and steal them blind. Enough stories proving that money cannot buy happiness.

Some people would love to have that lifestyle and many actually work toward that end, as the number of millionaires grows every year. But most people just want enough to be happy and stable, enough to keep them comfortable during this period of their life as well as their retirement years.

“Happy and stable” may have become a term of derision in our modern society where people race to find the next big new thing, and it may have gotten the “mediocrity” tag placed on it as well, but one should remember that situation looks different from one person to the next.

A happy retirement for some would be going fishing whenever they wanted. To me that would be torture. I would prefer to be able to sit around and read books, which other people would find an excruciating existence.

So “happy and stable” may get batted around as being so very mediocre, but it’s not.

Personally, I think striving for wealth is kind of mediocre. So many people can do it already, what’s the big deal?

But we each have our own ideas about what makes life interesting.

It’s the lack of choices that breed mediocrity.


About twaynemartin

A student of history, reader of science fiction, and a believer that ALL things are possible, regardless of what the naysayers may claim.
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